Maui 2016

In March of 2016 Sara and I flew to Maui to stay with a friend for a couple weeks.  We stayed in Kihei most of the time but drove around a good chunk of the island doing day hikes in various places.  On a return trip, I’d definetely backpacking for a couple nights in the Haleakala crater.

Points of Interest



Haleakala towers above and accounts for a solid chunk of East Maui.  Outside of a research station and the National Park facilities there isn’t much up there.  It’s incredibly beautiful, known for its sunrise and sunset views.  The altitude up there is ~10,000ft, but for whatever reason, the hiking didn’t feel like it was at that elevation.  It’s about as close to Mars as I ever plan on getting.

Lots of shadows in the crater.


Earth is definetely flat, edge is right there.
Haleakala Observatory


If they were dust clouds, it would pretty much be Mars.



Iao Valley

Iao Valley is a rainforest Valley in West Maui.  There’s a short official hike and then a popular, fun, but unofficial trail.  You can find the trailhead in some Yelp reviews and easily on Google.  It follows the ridge and higher ground for the most part so it has a bit of exposure and some no fall sections.

The Iao Needle (Kūkaemoku)


Looking back towards Wailuku.


Waiʻanapanapa State Park

Wai’anapanapa State Park is on the north east part of Maui.  It’s a lot different from any state parks I’ve been to in the lower 48 – there weren’t any designated campsites, just a field you could pitch your tent it.  It reminded me more of a music festival type camping experience than a state park.  No complaints though, there were great views, a black sand beach, and nice facilities.


Not a happy story.
A black sand beach.


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