Day 25 – Mile 369.3, Wrightwood, CA

More days and miles pass by and it’s starting to feel like at least a little real progress has been made.  Kennedy Meadows (where we enter the Sierras) is starting to feel not so distant…

Day 19 – Lazy morning in Big Bear Lake, passed out some RXBARS to locals and hikers, nice to give back some trail magic thanks to Jenn and the RXBAR team.  Got a ride back to Onyx summit from the hotel owner and had great afternoon of hiking.  Lots of pines, shade and the grade was pretty flat!  Camped at mile 264.2.

So I should step on the plants?

Day 20 – Continued easy grade and shade made for another great day of hiking.  Today officially marks the longest trip mile wise for Ian and I!  Camped at 285.6, Little Bear Springs Camp.

Day 21 – Saw a ton of snakes and lizards today!  Enjoyable day of hiking overall and we camped at mile 303.9.

Coiled up under a bush at a right angle turn in the trail – waiting to surprise hikers no doubt.
Biggest one we’ve seen yet, it was taking up a good third of the dirt road.

Day 22 – Pretty cold and rainy all day, had to keep moving to stay warm by the end of it.  Hiked about 22 miles.  Thought we may escape the rain, but got soaked anyways.  Found a cove mostly out of the wind on Silverwood Lake at mile 326.1.

Fairly creepy part of the dam.

Day 23 – Tent held up well in the nook on the beach, but condensation got my sleeping bag a bit wet over night.  After checking the radar and seeing no way to dry out our tents easily (and more rain in the afternoon/evening), we hiked 16 miles and got room at the Best Western in Cajon Pass, at mile 342.

Day 24 – Hiked up and out of Cajon Pass through seemingly endless fire damaged areas.  Gained about 6500′ over 20 miles.  Finally we were rewarded with a nice campsite, out of the wind, under some pines, at mile 361.7.

Day 25 – Got a ride into Wrightwood, CA after a short 7.6 mile hike to the highway – no hitch needed!  Spending the rest of the day here relaxing in town.  Tomorrow we begin our climb up Mount Baden-Powell…