Sawyer Squeeze Mods

These aren’t my mods, but a couple I’ve read about in a few places that I think are worthwhile.  On the Long Trail, I treated my water with AquaMira and a bandana as a pre filter when there were a ton of floaters.  Based on what I’ve read about water sources in the Desert section of the PCT I’m going to want a pre-filter of some sort.  With some testing at home, the screen in adapter seems to work well.  I’ll update this on the trail if it fails or if I MacGyver anything else.  In the meantime here are some tips in no particular order:

  1. Buy a Sawyer SP150 Coupling:415WLmIxN8L
  2. The syringe the Squeeze comes with is good at back flushing, but not necessary when I can just use the adapter and a clean water bag.   One less thing to worry about.  There’s a thread about it on
  3. Use the plastic cap to keep it clean.img_1021.jpg
  4. If temps are going to drop below freezing at night, put the filter in your bag/quilt with you to prevent it from freezing.  If you can blow air through it after you suspect it’s been frozen, it’s definitely broken.