PCT 2017 Starting Gear List

I’ve got some past experience with long distance hiking, so I’d like to think this list won’t change much.  It will though, I’m sure – already considering going stove less at some point in the hike, following Sara’s lead.  For now, this is what I plan to take with me on my 2017 northbound attempt.

Gear List (LighterPack)

Base weight: ~15lbs

A little weight will be added in the Sierras for the BV500, Kahtoola MICROspikes, CAMP Corsa Ice Axe, and possibly snowshoes, depending on snowpack this year.  Since this year is a little unusual weather wise, we will determine what gear to bring when we hit the Sierras sometime mid June.

I also have some flexibility in my gear.  Through working in the outdoor industry and general nerding out over gear, I’ve accumulated a plethora of backpacking gear over the past several years.  This gear sits in boxes at my parents house, ready to ship out if I want to change something up.  This flexibility gives me peace of mind as the start date draws ever closer…

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